AGKsion BB class photos 002.jpg 

An eager learner for new knowledge, Rex has grown for a love of English ever since coming to AGKsion.

AGKsion BB class photos 003.jpg

Howard, a spirited boy who loves to tell jokes to his classmates, is in the middle of the classroom sharing a laugh with Joshephine.

AGKsion BB class photos 004.jpg

Timo and Rex, having learned new words for shapes such as: circle, sphere, oval, rectangle, rhombus, and square, is having fun practicing the words using full sentences to each other- all in English only!

AGKsion BB class photos 005.jpg

The three little monkeys and our all time angel, Timo, Rex, Howard, and Ashley, are making ugly faces because they have lost a spelling bee contest to the rest of the girls.

AGKsion BB class photos 006.jpg  

Pretending to be airplanes for fun, Amber, Coco, and Joshephine love to play charades whenever they get the chance. Girls, you all look like jumbo jets that can travel at lightning speed; what a successful demonstration of being airplanes!


This class has been a great joy to teach. During the beginning of the year, every boy and girl in the class came in with very little or no foundation of English. Now, every one of them can speak English in complete sentences. Even though they are only in grade 1, they have become familiar with a lot of sentence patterns and rules. The areas where they are still working on, are building their vocabulary and increasing their knowledge for the different grammar rules in standard English. Keep up the excellent effort, at AGKsion every child is a success!



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